Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update 7!

Week of Sept. 17-23- During the week was pretty boring and we just did out normal routine of practice and working out. This weekend we headed to Munich for our last preseason tournament. We played really well both days! We ended up taking 2nd in the tournament which is a great improvement from the last two weekends finish. The tournament was really fun and at every tournament so far they have had a player party where all the players come. This one had food and DJ. The night that we slept over we slept in a gym in sleeping bags, it was like camping all over again.

Week of Sept. 23-30 This week again we did the normal routine of working out and practice. We had Monday and Tuesday off which meant we had time to recuperate after the long weekend. That weekend we headed to the Alpen Zoo. It was a blast! The zoo is up on the mountain and if you didn't know there was a zoo there than you could walk right by it. It had tons of animals that you would typically find in Austria. They had an area where you could pet the animals and feed them. There was a goat who was very greedy and would nudge your hand to get more. The next day we headed to our friends village to celebrate Oktoberfest and watch her brother's soccer game. It was very fun and we ate wienerschnitzel  and pommes, it was really good!

Week of 30- Oct 6- This week again was back to normal routine of working out, practice, and coaching. The weekend we headed to Oktoberfest in Munich. It was really fun but a long day. It was raining when we got there and pretty much didn't stop the whole time we were there. We first got there and it look like a huge fair with rides and food and games to play. We decided we would head into the tent and start drinking. We waited in lines for 2 hours before we decided to just go ride on rides. I rode one ride while my roommates rode 2. We then got a snack of chocolate and fruit which was delicious. We then headed back to the tents to see if we could get a spot back in side. We still were unable to but we found a place outside that was semi-dri. We ended up meeting some Americans that were stationed in Germany. We also met a couple that was from Munich. We had a great time and clinked our huge beers. It turned out to be a good day even though it was rainy. The next day we headed a little outside of the main city of Innsbruck to watch some of our teammates and some of the girls we coach play volleyball. They did great! We than got dinner at a sushi restaurant which was delicious. It might be my new favorite place!
This coming weekend starts our season play and we are looking for a Win!

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