Monday, September 16, 2013

Update 6

The first week of September after we had our training camp we started to get into a routine. We have practice Monday (Montag), Tuesday (Dienstag), Thursday (Donnerstag), and Friday (Freitag). Wednesday (Mittwoch) we have off from practice but are required to go to the fitness center. Practices are late at night and we usually have the whole day to hangout and run errands. I signed up for a gym that has lots of free weights so I can continue to do my lifting and get stronger. That week we just finished some required things like get our bank cards and get our visas. I finally have my visa so I can work for the team and be allowed to play. Tuesday we went and watched wrestling matches on our day off. It was really cool to watch and we watched the Tirolian Champion wrestle. He was really good! We also watched an older guy wrestle who beat out all the younger guys. That weekend we left for Maribor, Slovenia. This was where  I had my tryout to get picked up by a team. We stayed at the same hotel and played in the same venue. I even was in the same exact room. We played Friday night and Saturday day and evening. We won one and lost two. We are a young team and are growing every game and getting better which is good! We have strong hitters but need better serve receive but most teams struggle with that. We also played a team in a smaller town an hour outside of Maribor. The drive to Maribor was 6 hours one way. It was very long but it seems to be a common thing for us to travel far for play.

The next week was just back to normal routine and I worked out and practiced. Monday's are my grocery days so I also go grocery shopping. I also do the sauna on days when practice is later. We went out to dinner on Sunday to an American restaurant. It was good and had lots of cool American things in it. I also started coaching a young group of girls with one of the girl's dads on Wednesday night and then on Tuesday night with my roommate Michi. The girls can understand english which is good because Harry (the girl's dad) is going to let me put my input in and help with drills. The week was again really low key because we had a tournament coming up. That weekend we headed to Carcare and Cairo Montenotte Italy for our second tournament! It was really cool and we were right near the Liguiran Sea. The way they do meals is different than what we do. At first you get some type of pasta and then after meat with potatoes! There was a lot of bread and pasta consumed with in the three days. Breakfast also was just a croissant and foccacia bread! Everything was so delicious. We played on Saturday and Sunday and won 3 and lost 3 taking 6 out of 12 teams. Saturday night they had a concert for the teams and brought all the teams up and gave them gifts and t-shirts! It was really cool and we played in a police school on one of the days. The ride to and back again was very long! 

We are starting another week of practice and heading to Munich this weekend for another tournament!


  1. Oh Shannon, I so enjoy reading about your adventure. Thank you for your blogs. Love you. Auntie Jean

  2. What?!?! You guys get a sauna!!!?? I want one!

    1. haha yes we do, it is in our fitness center and there are multiple ones!