Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update 5

So this past week we spent it in a training camp from Sunday till Saturday. Sunday we arrived at the facility and were given our rooms. I got my own room which was really nice because I didn't have to share a shower or anything like that. We ate dinner and then just hung out for the rest of the night. The food was very good there and we experienced lots of different traditional austrian food. We then had a meeting about the upcoming week and what our schedule was like.

7am- Run
8am- Breakfast
9am- 11:45am- Practice and Weight
11:45am- Lunch
3pm- Practice and Cardio
6pm- Dinner
8pm- Practice

This was our schedule every day, pretty much we napped between lunch and our 2nd practice. Then we headed straight for bed after our last practice.

On Wednesday we had the afternoon off and we pretty much sat around as a team and got better acquainted with everyone. We also spent most of the nights and wednesday afternoon learning German words.

Friday we didn't have the last practice of the day and didn't have our morning run.

During the week we all were very tired and sore. Practices were good and they worked on ball control and running different plays out of rotation.  We also hiked into the mountains and saw lots of cows. When we left on Saturday there was a Almabtrieb which is when the cows spend the summer in the mountains and they come down with their owners back down to the farm. The front cow will wear wreaths on their faces. It was very cool to see!

It was a very good week full of learning experiences and a great bonding week with the girls.

Tonight we are getting ready to go out and then have a relaxing Sunday afternoon tomorrow.

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