Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update 3

Friday- we didn't do much, just hung out around the apartment and went to practice.

Saturday- we woke up early (mind you early is 10am). Our coach picked us up and took us to the village of Seefeld where there was hiking and little shops. We walked for an hour to a restaurant in the middle of the mountains. The restaurant had very interesting looking decor. It had cow hide and lots of taxidermy animals. The moment we got up there our coach convinced us that some schnapps was water and me being naive was like oh cool and took it. It was definitely not water and looking back on it should have known when she gave it to us in a shot glass. We sat down for lunch and again I couldn't read anything on the menu but what I did know was the Walter our waiter would sound a siren when someone would want an apple streusel. It was a very interesting place. We walked back for another hour and then walked around the village The buildings there were from the 1600s and 1700s. It was mostly hotels and shopping areas. It also was were the 2012 youth winter olympics were held. On one corner there was a haircut place in the shape of an igloo. We got home and just hung out, we all felt to lazy to go out Saturday night.

Sunday- Sunday we got up and just chilled at the apartment and then headed into the old town to get dinner and hangout. We got pizza and the pizza here is thin crust which I love and they don't have any thick crust. We also got Hugo again which is a bubble wine or champagne with mint and lime or lemons. It is my favorite drink here.  We then walked around the palace and went to another location to just hangout. We got a aperol spritzer which I didn't really like. I can't really describe it either because it doesn't taste like anything I have had in America.  We then walked more towards the city and saw a piece of a old wall that surround the city in the medieval times. We also happened upon another gym and the gym was similar to ours except for the fact that all the classes are taught by video people, so there are no live people teaching the class. We went home and just chilled for the rest of the night.  It started to rain and there was a crazy thunderstorm.

Monday- It was down-pouring for the whole day and we only left to go and open a bank account. That failed and we went back home. We had practice and then came home. Nothing too exciting

Tuesday- We hungout most of the day and then went to the gym for two hours and did the sauna ( I love the sauna and stay in it longer than you are supposed to, it's just soo relaxing). We also ran some errands and then I came home and budgeted my expenses, again nothing too exciting.

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