Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello Everyone!

So just wanted to send an email about everything that has been going on.

Starting with the first day I left. I left Monday night from Boston and headed to London. It was a 7 hours flight and I had my own personal TV. The couple sitting next to me was on their way to visit their daughter who lived in London. The women was very nice and offered me her pillow. When we landed in London I had a 5 hour layover and just sat around. Slept mostly and used the internet. Then I was off to Berlin. My layover in Berlin was quick and I didn't have much time to see anything. This flight was also quick and was 3 hours long. Again I slept for most of it, no surprise there. Once I was in Berlin it was off to Budapest. The flight to Budapest was very quick and I met a guy who tons of tattoos and gauges in his ears and piercings on his teeth! He was very nice and told me he was from Mexico but was living in Spain. He was in Hungry for a music festival which was awesome. Once in Budapest found out my luggage was lost :(. That was ok I had to find my ride to the hostel. The airport shuttle guy was very confused on the location I gave him but we found it since it was right next to the train station.

Once I got there I went up to the hostel and met with the guy who runs it. He was awesome spoke many languages and was very easy to understand in English. He helped me with getting all my train tickets sorted out and told me that I had to go purchase my ticket from the international office in the train station. So I went there and had to take a number. I waited for about 2 hours before the lady called my number. She didn't speak very good english so I ask for my ticket and luckily got the right one. So went home and talked to the host more about the ticket and tried to get everything squared away. 

The next morning it was off to the train station. From the train station it was off to vienna (wien as the spell it, which is very confusing) So train ride to vienna was 3 hours long and I slept no surprise there. Once I got to Vienna, it was more waiting another 3 hour layover. From Vienna I got onto another train and it was off to Maribor. I finally made it to Maribor and the head guy told me to wait for a bus to get on to get to the hotel. Well I waited for 2 hours and finally had to email him asking what was going on. He ended up having to pick me up. 

So I finally made it to the hotel and I was the only girl. So I went to bed (is anyone suprised by how much I sleep yet?)

The next day more of the girls finally came and they were all super nice. We all got along great. That day we walked into town. It was  very cute town and I wish I had had more time to see it.

The next day started everything. We had open gym in the morning and I got to see what I was up against. That evening we had a meeting and the we officially started practice. The first practice there were about 3 teams there and we starting with hitting lines. Pretty much it was about who could hit the hardest and if you could pass. The first day many of the girls got offers. It was very discouraging but I kept fighting

The next day again we did hitting lines in the morning and then girls left after lunch. It was really hard to watch girls leave when I didn't even have anyone talk to me yet. The second session we played and I just played my game and focused more on having fun. Well with that I peaked the interest of this team. They had already been set on two girls and then the coach saw me and asked about me. I talked to them for a bit and then after they asked me to come to practice and tryout against the other girl. The other girl happened to be my roommate for the trip. She was awesome and very similar to me in both off the court and on the court regards. It was very difficult mentally because they brought us to this amazing city and we knew that one of us was going home. 

We had all day sunday to walk around the city and enjoy the awesomeness of it and fall in love. The city is amazing, its very small but big at the same time. Its right in between two mountains which yes means more snow for this girls. They also have very random festivals which we happened to run into. Then today Monday, we spent the day up on the mountain enjoying the view. Then we headed home and spent the day relaxing and waiting to play.

We had practice and it was very different than here. We dribbled a volleyball around the court like basketball and did some very weird things to warm up. We then proceeded to do hitting lines and then just played. After we sat there thinking we had to practice another morning. They ended up making their decision. They told us that they needed someone who could play multiple positions! So thanks to my college coaches and being able to do that for 4 years, they picked me! So I will be playing for the VC Tirol in Innsbruck Austria this coming season. The season has started and will be going to April or May. We have a preseason in Maria Alm which is up in the mountains and we go on a 2 hour hike up a mountain! It sounds crazy but I can handle it. The coaches are awesome and told me that I shouldn't be so quiet. Hopefully I can come out of my shell! I am really excited because the location is amazing to be able to travel around Europe. I will also be learning German at the university which I am excited about. I have already learned some so far and can get by. 

I am really excited for the year ahead of me. I will try to update more on this blog website if you want to follow. It will have everything about my travels and volleyball!

Love you guys!

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