Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update 2!


Tuesday we didn't really do much. We met with the head coach at lunch to go over paperwork and what we needed to get our visas and things like that. We also went to the gym that we will be working  out at (it's a women's gym, so they don't have any squat racks or bench presses like I like to do but there is a sauna!). We then spent the next few hours in the dez (pronounced dates), its pretty much a mall. Then we headed to the fitness center to work out and go in the sauna. We then headed home and went grocery shopping. So, because things here aren't grown with tons of chemicals you can't buy things in bulk like I normally do so the buying things for a couple of days I am going to have to get used to.  We finally rested and then were told that at 630 we were heading into the mountains for a run. We met at the meeting place and proceeded to walk up a mountain. Then we got to a certain spot and ran and did exercises for the next hour. I can't complain too much because part of our run was through a castle and we got to drink out of a fresh water fountain.  We proceeded to get a ride half way home and then we walked home. We stopped at a lake that we can go swimming at (hopefully I can go soon, since we all know how much I love swimming) it was quite warm and there were places to sunbath. We also walked down some steps to touch the river. The river was very cold. I think I forgot to mention in my previous post that I live in the old Olympic village from the 60s and 70s. The rest of the night we just watched tv on our computers since we don't have an actual TV.

Wednesday my roommate Lindsay and I decided to head back to the Dez to find workout gear and a nice wallet to hold all our change! We found a few things and found stuff at Ikea. It was nice to go on our own since we had gone with our other roommate Carrie who has lived her before. We also went back to the fitness center and went into the sauna. We came home, just chilled for a bit and then it was off to practice. Practice was fine, since it is considered preseason we did mostly conditioning and barely played actual volleyball. The practices are going to take a bit to get used to but it will be fine. I have to ask the girls what the coach is saying most of the time but they are very helpful! After practice we just came home and chilled again. Seems like I will be doing a lot of that.

Thursday, I pretty much did nothing all day. Towards the evening my roommate Lindsay (who I share a room with), Carrie (who had played on this team before), and Mickey (who is the coaches daughter), all went into the old city to see the festival that is going on. Austria celebrated almost every holiday and gets that day off from school work and all the shops are closed. We went and got dinner. At dinner a show was on in front of the golden roof (the golden roof is were the pope came and spoke to the community). All the people in the festival were wearing traditional outfits and performed tradition dances and fun things like that. It was fun to sit and watch ( I couldn't understand the language, so I was literally just sitting and watching). After dinner we headed out with some Dutch guys who sat with us at the table (the tables are community, so you could be sitting with tons of different people), the bar we went to was just a shots bar and you had to pick a line and within that line there was like 5 to 6 different types of shots. It was fun, I just tasted the shots to see what they were like. After Lindsay and me decided to go home. We really weren't there long but we thought we were getting on the right bus to go home but turns out the bus we were on was done for the night. As soon as we got on a drunk man came up to us and started talking in german and had a balloon sword and was pointing at the houses next to us. We didn't understand him even when he started talking in English. We then got on the bus and he made sure to tell the bus driver to take care of us. Well we were on the bus for about 2 stops when the bus stopped and everyone got off. Us not knowing what to do just sat there until a man told us were to go. Him and his wife and one of their mother showed us were to go and what stop to get off at. It was an adventure to say the least. I can't wait to start taking German classes so I can hopefully some what understand what is going on around me.  It was a good night!

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