Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update 4!

Wednesday- We just chilled at the apartment most of the day until practice. Nothing very exciting. Seems to be a common thing to just hangout around the apartment. I can't wait to get back into a routine once we get back from preseason camp and actually go to the gym and lift again (I have to admit I am becoming a meat head and feel weird when I don't do some serious lifting)

Thursday- We headed into town and got set up with a bank account so we can get paid! We then walked around the city and got lunch in the old city. There are so many outside restaurants and places to just sit and watch all the tourists (I am not considered a tourist because I actually have an apartment, even though I am just as new as some of the tourists walking around). We then headed home and got ready for practice. Practice was good. We then got all dolled up and headed into the city. We started by going to this place called Hofgardern (it was a beer garden or literally a bar in the middle of the garden!) Well apparently it wasn't the night for that bar because there was literally two people in the whole place and when I say two I really mean two. So we then worked our way back and went to another bar which had tons of people already at 10pm. 10pm is considered early to be going out at night. Many people won't even get to the bar till 12am or 1am and won't leave until 5 or 6am. It is a very different lifestyle here. We didn't stay that long, we mostly just watched people dance around all crazily.

Friday- We headed to the gym to get a workout in since we didn't have practice. The workout was good but still not doing any heavy lifting which stinks. We then headed to Baggersee Lake, which is a lake that you can swim for fun or for a workout and just lay out by the banks. The lake was filled with little fishes as well as ducks.  It was fun and nice that there is a place so close by to go swimming at! We came home and again just chilled and didn't do much.

Saturday- We had a scrimmage, my roommate and I couldn't play because of paperwork issues. We both were really disappointed. Our team lost but it was a very close game. After the game we came home and just hung out until later in the evening when we went and got dinner. The place we went was a southwestern bar. It had lots of mexican and american food. I got Buffalo chicken wings and there was no buffalo on them!  We came home early because we both were tired. We are still adjusting to sleeping so much which we think is making us more tired. We also got our phones, so I have two phones now! My phone is very old school and I could barely figure it out at first.

Sunday- We packed and left for Maria Alm which is where we are going for our week of preseason camp and team bonding.

Since it is Sunday, I may or may not have any type of connection for a week!

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