Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last Post!

Well it is my last blog for Austria!

Finishing up the season we played Graz in the second round. We played them 3 times won once and lost twice which meant we played Vienna in the last round. We played Vienna the first time and beat them. The coach was asking one of our players if they would be coming to our game on Sunday because there was a conflicting game with the U19 team and the Bundesliga team. So, Saturday night we travelled to Vienna with 5 of our normal players, our coach and her daughter, and three U15 players. No one expected us to win because the other team had some of their first team playing against us. We ended up winning 3-1 and our 70- something coach came in and served the last point. It was such an awesome experience to play with our coach and prove to people that we could win!
So, that was it for our season! We ended up finishing 7th in our league. I can't believe I have finished my first season of professional volleyball!

So for the last few weeks I have just preparing for my trip to Spain. That means packing, cleaning, canceling gym memberships, and shipping things home!

This past weekend we head to South Tirol again to visit our friend. We went hiking and just had a relaxing time! It was an awesome weekend to finish up my season here! I am off to Spain tomorrow and just so happy with the people and friendships I have made in Austria!

here are the last pics-

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