Wednesday, January 7, 2015

August- December

Well I had decided that I wasn't going to post for my second year in Austria but decided that I will start again!

So beginning of August I moved back to Innsbruck to start my second year playing for VC Tirol.

Heading from DC to Istanbul was great smooth easy 10 hour flight with four seats to myself. Little did I know I was then going to be stuck in Istanbul for 19 hours. I luckily met one other American and two Austrians from Tirol. We all got a hotel and then headed back to the airport the next day. I finally made it to Munich and then off to Innsbruck. When I got back in Innsbruck, I then had to leave to go to Maribor a 6 hour drive. I went to Maribor with my coach to get two other Americans. We picked two girls and were driving back to Innsbruck. The next two weeks we didn't have any training or anything so we just went to the fitness center and got readjusted. The last week in August we had training camp for a week that had two-a-days.

September was a great month because my sisters and Jim came to visit! They came mid September and we went to Zurich for the day and then saw the Neuschwanstein castle. They also drove to my tournament in Carcare, Italy. After the Italy tournament we headed to Verona for the night and the next day. September we only had our one tournament which we did well in!

In October we started our regular season play. We won most of our matches and played very well. We also started our German class.

I went to Salzburg for the day with my coach and teammate. We just walked around and explored different churches and the castle. November was a good month for playing. We won most matches and bumped up to third place. We celebrated Thanksgiving with some of our Austrian friends.

December my parents came and visited in the beginning of the month! They were able to come to two of my matches. I was able to spend a few days with them in Innsbruck, Vienna, and Munich. I took them around the Christmas markets. We finished the first half our season in second place.

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